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Entertainment & Hospitality

Barcodes are a key application for our desktop printers in the entertainment and hospitality industry. By scanning the barcode on your ticket rolls, you can track the purchase, sale and authentication of tickets, or important information about your event and company, while enhancing the security of your event.

Whether you manage ticketing services, hotels, entertainment venues or any other venue or any regularly scheduled event, you can put barcode technology to work for your business.

Gainscha's solutions are designed to provide a customized guest experience, improve operational efficiency, and ensure event security.


· Amusement Park / Theater Ticketing · Event Admission · Receipt / Coupon Printing · Luggage Tags · Dining-order Fulfillment · Parking Ticketing

  • 80mm CUBE Thermal Ticket Printer GA-G3

  • 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-F350

  • 便携式票據印表機PT-380
  • 智能手持打印機GP-A3
  • 80mm 熱敏票據打印機 GA-F350
  • 80mm 熱敏票據打印機 GA-S300

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