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In traditional manufacturing, safety inspections and quality control are recorded manually, however, this recording is not always accurate, especially when there are thousands of items to handle, and is often prone to human error.

Utilize barcode printing and identification labeling technology to establish quality certification of raw materials and products, from the factory floor to field operations, providing visibility to speed up processes and increase management transparency.

The use of barcodes goes beyond quality assurance.

By equipping special barcodes for sensor doors and sensor elevators that can identify employees, workplace safety can be greatly enhanced.

Gainscha provides customized solutions for manufacturers to help them improve productivity, enhance work safety, achieve warehouse intelligence and help them succeed in all aspects.



· Receiving / Shipping

· Asset & Facility Manage

· Proof of Pickup & Delivery

· Inventory & Material Management

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Warehousing And Distribution
Warehousing And Distribution
Warehousing And Distribution

Warehouse Printer

Gainscha warehouse printer cover every aspect of your operations: from receiving and inspection to picking, sectioning and loading, designed to help you meet your customers' needs and maintain a competitive advantage.

For high-value asset management, by tagging assets with RFID tags, users are able to quickly locate and track assets with greater accuracy than the process of manually scanning barcodes. It also eliminates the need for night shifts and the extensive labor required to track and record all tools and assets in the facility.


· Ticket office

· Item labeling
· Freight tracking
· Shipping and receiving
· Document management

· Carton and pallet labeling
· Receipt and coupon printing

· Distribution / inventory control

· Passenger transportation services


Warehouse Printer Features

Improve warehouse efficiency
In today's light-speed business environment, getting inventory out faster, tracking it better and minimizing the cost of doing so is key to getting you involved. This requires the right warehouse labeling technology to support industrial environments, distribution centers, and even back-of-store retail settings. Gainscha offers desktop and mobile warehouse printer for barcodes, shipping labels, pallet labels and more.

Easy to carry
Our warehouse printer have a small footprint to fit into tight workspaces and move easily throughout your facility. Get labeling technology that fits your workflow and helps you consolidate orders.

Greater Accuracy and Less Cost
Print accurate warehouse labels, hang tags and documents directly from laptops, mobile devices, handheld devices and databases. Increase print volume and quality with fast, on-demand solutions, and avoid blurred prints, errors, and unnecessary downtime.

Solid Customer Support
Experience an industry-leading warranty to protect your warehouse label investment. Plus, Lifetime Customer Support ensures the ultimate printer is up and running for your peace of mind.

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Transportation And Logistics
Transportation And Logistics
Transportation And Logistics

In the logistics supply chain, relying on manual tracking of product movements must bear certain costs and error rates. By using barcode technology to print labels and identify barcodes, product serial numbers, lot numbers and other related information can be obtained, which is not only easy to use, but also can improve the efficiency of product management and reduce human errors.

In order to control costs, manage inventory and ensure fast and accurate delivery of goods, tracking of products is essential. RFID tags provide non-line-of-sight data capture, which means inventory can be counted in minutes or incoming and outgoing goods can be verified in seconds, greatly improving accuracy and efficiency, saving you time and labor in the inbound and outbound processes of warehousing, logistics, control and transportation.

Gainscha offers a variety of transportation logistics solutions, whether by air, land or sea, that can help your business improve accuracy and efficiency.


· Loading

· Receiving

· Proof of Delivery

· Inventory Tracking

· Inventory Management 

Proof of delivery

Up to 40% more labels per roll and zero waste with a linerless printing solution;Create instant and accurate delivery notes or invoices anywhere on the road;Streamline order-to-cash processes to improve profitability;Easily provision new files for unexpected changes in delivery information;Minimizes downtime and delays for frequent repair services caused by accidental drops.

Inventory Tracking

Enhance barcode readability to simplify inventory management;Deliver mission-critical labels in demanding environments with reliable and robust industrial printers;Label inventory as it is received using an industrial mobile printer to ensure accuracy;Achieve operational visibility and minimize downtime.


Print labels on-demand anytime, anywhere to simplify ship-to-order operations;Reduce setup and installation process with intuitive, user-friendly features;Create labels in a variety of templates with the custom label designer.

Improve Efficiency by Printing Return Labels on Courier Trucks;asset Management;Easily integrate printers with existing asset management tools;Reduce labor hours and costs for high-volume label printing with fast print speeds.

Standalone label printing without a host PC or additional software;Generate data-intensive labels for small components with clarity and high print quality;Proactively manage your assets to improve availability and lifecycle.

take over;Print incoming labels at the point of application when unloading;Eliminates the need to travel between dock and office to reduce errors;Improve productivity and accuracy;Customize your labels by easily designing and editing them on mobile.

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Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance

Real-time identification of patient identity and case information has become a global need for major hospitals and healthcare organizations. By using barcode technology to print medical labels and medical wristbands to store patient identification information and track the data in real time, the overall quality of care can be improved and patient safety can be enhanced.

Thanks to the utility and reliability of medical labels and medical wristbands, barcode technology has become an important tool in most healthcare systems.

Gainscha offers patient-centric healthcare printing solutions to help your care team provide a higher level of patient care.


 · Access Control

 · Staff Management

 · Asset Management

 · Medication Tracking

· Specimen / Blood Labeling

 · Patient Identification Management

 · Healthcare Materials Management

Medical label printers:

 barcode, label and tag printers for healthcare

Desktop printers, mobile printers and wristband printers for hospitals and medical centres.

Gainscha can help you with all your barcode printing needs. We offer a wide range of printers, including desktop barcode printers, mobile barcode printers and wristband printers. We also offer the right software applications, labels, ribbons, media and consumables as well as instructions and even a repair service.

Desktop printers

Desktop barcode label printers for the healthcare industry provide compact printing solutions for documents, patient records, prescription labels, and lab and specimen labels. Desktop label printers are designed for fixed locations in hospitals.

Industrial and commercial grade printers

Industrial printers are designed for high volume environments in hospitals or medical centres. These printers offer durability, higher print speeds, network connectivity and provide additional 

printing capabilities.

Mobile label printers

Ideal for on-demand and in-place printing, mobile label printers in healthcare offer an affordable and efficient solution for printing labels directly at the bedside or throughout the hospital.

Wristband printers

Print high quality wristbands easily and efficiently with top of the range wristband printers for accurate patient IDs.

At Gainscha, we understand the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare organisations for healthcare label printing. We are the manufacturer and brand with the best-in-class thermal printers, and we can help you evaluate your options and choices to find the best thermal printing products and solutions for your healthcare organisation.


Leading solutions for life-changing healthcare
Your work helps fight disease and improve lives. That's why your processes need to be documented, accurate, efficient and secure. Explore a range of easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use printing and labeling solutions. Quickly produce clear labels, wristbands and documents so you can continue to do great work.

Improve patient safety
Ensure patient safety by clearly identifying patients and providing consistent, accurate documentation and labeling at every stage of patient care.

Simplify compliance
Easily generate full-page documentation or high-quality wristbands and labels for patients and families to comply with safety requirements and enhance point-of-care record keeping.

Outstanding Accuracy
Print important patient information, patient ID wristbands or detailed identification labels from virtually any device and any location. All with the accuracy you can trust to help improve patient outcomes.

Superior Efficiency
Ditch the ink and toner clutter with an easy-to-connect, simple-to-use printer. Explore fast, reliable printing with features like Wi-Fi ®, Bluetooth ® connectivity, AirPrint ® and MFi capabilities, and compatibility with major operating systems.

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In a highly flexible retail industry, customers have increasingly high expectations and need an efficient shopping experience, regardless of the shopping method they take.

Gainscha's superior range provides printing solutions for a range of in-store activites such as POS, self-service, product price tagging, inventory management, ticketing, online order response and more, helping your team to deliver a satisfying shopping experience for your customers and enhance brand loyalty and competitiveness.


· Point of Sale 

· Shelf Labeling 

· Product Marking 

· In-store Operation

· Price Tag Labeling 

 · Inventory and Fulfillment 

· Receipt and Coupon Printing

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Entertainment And Service Industry
Entertainment And Service Industry
Entertainment And Service Industry

Barcodes are a key application for our desktop printers in the entertainment and hospitality industry. By scanning the barcode on your ticket rolls, you can track the purchase, sale and authentication of tickets, or important information about your event and company, while enhancing the security of your event.

Whether you manage ticketing services, hotels, entertainment venues or any other venue or any regularly scheduled event, you can put barcode technology to work for your business.

Gainscha's solutions are designed to provide a customized guest experience, improve operational efficiency, and ensure event security.


· Luggage Tags

· Event Admission

· Parking Ticketing

· Dining-order Fulfillment

· Receipt / Coupon Printing

· Amusement Park / Theater Ticketing

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Reliable and Innovative

Our products, exported to diverse regions such as Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, have established a robust international presence. Enduring their market tenure, they are lauded for their excellence and have garnered extensive recognition globally.
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Reliable and Innovative